OPAF selected for EU’s Internet of Farm and ...

Congratulations to Ontario Precision Agri-Food (OPAF), selected as one of three global initiatives for collaboration with the EU’s Internet of Food and Farm 2020 initiative. Read more here.

Escarpment Labs

At its new facility in Guelph Ontario, Escarpment Laboratories is ready to supply both custom and wild yeast strains to large and small craft beer breweries across Canada. The soleRead more »

Assessment of Ontario’s Capacity to Use Prec...

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR Tyler Whale RESEARCH INSTITUTION Ontario Agri-Food Technologies (OAFT) EXTERNAL FUNDING PARTNERS Ontario Agri-Food Technologies; University of Guelph; Livestock Research Innovation Corporation; Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association; VinelandRead more »

Annual General Meeting 2016

Theme of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies was “Exploring Food Innovation from OAFT’s Perspective.” Over a fast-paced four hour session, 16 speakers talked about the experiencesRead more »

Cornerstone Renewables Inc.

Episode 51 of the Ontario Agri-Food Technologies video series Game Changers in Agriculture profiles Cornerstone Renewables Inc.