Other Resources

ASK-FORCE General Forum by Klaus Ammann
European Federation of Biotechnology


Biobased Economy Graphics (services of nova-Institute)


Biotechnology Risk Assessment Data


Breaking the Biological Barriers to Cellulosic Ethanol
A joint Research Agenda


The C4 - Canadian Cleantech Colorado Connection Initiative


CropLife International offers online Biotech Benefits database


Developing Country Biotechnology Profiles


Farm, Food & Beyond: Our Commitment to Sustainability


From Mendel to Markets: Impact of Molecular Technologies on Animal, Plant and Human Genetics - Curriculum for Grades 9-12
Iowa State University


Gene Files: Database of Introduced Genes in Bioengineered Crops


Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2011
ISAAA Briefs, Brief 43-2011


GMO Answers Addresses Consumer Concerns Through Poll


Health and Food Safety: The Benefits of Bt-Corn
Food and Drug Law Journal, v. 61 #2 (June 2006), pp. 197-235
Drew. L. Kershen


New Genetics, Food and Agriculture: Scientific Discoveries - Societal Dilemmas 
International Council for Science


New study shows that transgenic plants don't hurt beneficial bugs
Cornell University Press Release


The Impact of Bio-Food Industry Activities in Canada 
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


The Real Dirt on Farming
The people in Canadian agriculture answer your questions

Transgenic Crops: An Introduction and Resource Guide


University of California (UC) Agricultural and Natural Resources Program
Fact sheets outlining basic information about production and safety of biotech crops, foods, animal feed and animals


USDA-ERS Database on U.S. Biotech Patents and Inventions


What are the Effects of Biofuels and Bioproducts on the Environment, Crop and Food Prices and World Hunger?

40 Facts About Ethanol
The Renewable Fuels Association's video is a fast-paced, data-based review of ethanol, past, present and future...