Local Grown Salads announced today that it has signed a letter of intent with a NYC-based leading EcoSmart developer, GreenStreet. The agreement envisions deploying Indoor Vertical Farms in new and renovated buildings throughout the City of New York.

GreenStreet is actively developing mixed-use properties under its GreenStreet Garden brand that will locate Local Grown Salads Indoor Vertical Farms in the basements of those very properties. The farms will service Grocers who are tenants, and others local to the farm. The results are significantly increased profitability of the building and resolving the challenge of food deserts in dense urban areas.

Local Grown Salads’ Indoor Vertical Farming System means that organic, gourmet “Grab and Go” salads will be available year-round. Consumers will enjoy fresh, highly nutritious, flavorful salads that were previously only available at farmer’s markets. The salads are grown, harvested, packaged, and can be eaten the very same day. Each farm will create employment for people in the area.

Lots more on this OAFT partner at www.LocalGrownSalads.com