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The Game Changers in Agriculture video series showcases companies and
technologies that demonstrate Ontario's innovation capacity in agriculture.




Soyaoil Coatings 


SoyaOilEpisode 66- SoyaOil Coatings is a manufacturer of bio-sustainable paints and coatings using Ontario soyaoil.

Intravision Group


Episode 65- Intravision Group utilizes LED lighting to optimize the production of plants. The company has partnered with the University of Guelph's Controlled Environment Systems Research facility. Applications include indoor food production. Intravision has received research support through Ontario Agri-Food Technologies.

Advanced Micro Polymers

Advanced Micro Polymers


Episode 10- Advanced Micro Polymers, of Milton, Ontario manufactures polysaccharide-based natural polymers made from agricultural resources. Products targeting export markets include liquid mulch, liquid spray mask and inks.



Episode 50- AgriBrink of Moorefield, Ontario, Canada produces an Automatic Air Inflation Deflation system for farm equipment.

AgriBrink Update 2015


Episode 55-  AgriBrink launched its new GPS controller in 2015. The Automatic Air Inflation Deflation device has a new user friendly interface that allows for tire pressure changes on the fly. Changing the tire pressure on heavy equipment can minimize field compaction and prolong the life of the tire.

AgriBrink Update 2017


Episode 63-  Moorefield, Ontario-based AgriBrink plans to leverage ISO accreditation to access global markets for its unique automatic air inflation and deflation control system. The AAID system is designed to combat soil compaction issues with the use of heavy farm equipment. ISO accreditation will allow AgriBrink to meet international standards for farm equipment.



Episode  38- AgSights, formerly BIO, based in Guelph, Ontario Canada is a producer-owned cooperative that markets its BioTrack web-based livestock management system internationally. 



Episode 7-AgSights also markets Go360 bioTrack which allows collection of all info on an animal throughout its life. Information flow across seed stock, cow calf, feedlot and packing sectors will allow you to make better business decisions including selection of replacement females and sires.


Agri Neo

Episode 59-  Agri-Neo, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada aims to help safely feed the world. Its Neo-Pure sanitization system is designed for application onto raw seeds and grains at food processing operations such as Everspring Farms in Seaforth, Ontario.

Agrisoma Biosciences Inc.


Episode 47-  Agrisoma, based in Quebec, has the world's largest collection of carinata which is a non-food crop that can be grown when or where food crops are not. It offers a solution to the growing problem of providing clean source of feedstock to the biofuels industry that works with the existing energy infrastructure. 

All Weather Farming

All Weather Farming

Episode 54- All Weather Farming, David and Chere Smith of Port Ryerse, Ontario have committed to promoting and growing miscanthus acreage in Ontario. David has customized the equipment needed to help farmers plant this promising biomass crop.

Amazing Grains

Amazing Grains

Episode 57- Amazing Grains, Amazing Grains is an entrepreneurial Ontario company that specializes in providing healthy ingredients for wide range of bakery foods and snacks. This Game Changer video shows how Amazing Grains is attracting global interest in its products for baby boomers, millennials and individuals with diabetes.

BDR Technologies Inc.


Episode 17- BDR Technologies Inc., based in Ottawa, Ontario markets innovative membrane reactor technology to the global biodiesel industry.

Biodiversity Institute of Ontario


Episode 27- The Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, located at the University of Guelph, measures the variation of life shaped through ecology and evolution from genes to species and ecosystems. 

Bosco and Roxy's

Bosco and Roxys

Episode 4- Bosco and Roxy's of London, Ontario, Canada is an innovative bakery successfully exports its unique dog treat products to international markets. Marketing a variety of dog treats made with human food ingredients and designed with a creative flair, Bosco and Roxy's aims for cost-effective by providing direct to customer service. 

Escarpment Laboratories

Escarpment Lab

At its new facility in Guelph Ontario, Escarpment Laboratories is ready to supply both custom and wild yeast strains to large and small craft beer breweries across Canada. The sole domestic supplier of yeast helps brewers avoid the potential extra expense and transportation delays with import shipments. Two of the co-founders shared a passion for craft beer and conceived the venture while they were lab mates at the University of Guelph.

P&P Optica 

P&P Optica Inc. an instrumentation company located in Waterloo, Ontario provides chemical imaging technology for the food processing industry. Its industrial applications are designed to increase revenue and process efficiencies as well as reduce food waste.

Switch Energy 

Entrepreneur Don Nott of Clinton, Ontario is looking to expand the Switch Energy collection program for waste agricultural film. Demand is growing dramatically for the polyethylene pellets produced from the recycled waste plastic. The pellets are used in Enviroshake shingles and other products.


Yunustech Inc. is an innovative design, manufacture and assembly company that produces LED lighting for agricultural and other applications. Yunustech has its manufacturing facilities in Brampton, Ontario and corporate headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario.

  Vineland Research & Innovation Centre 

Episode 53 of the Ontario Agri-Food Technologies video series Game Changers in Agriculture profiles Ontario's Appassimento wine technology developed at the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre.

Cornerstone Renewables 

Episode 51 of the Ontario Agri-Food Technologies video series Game Changers in Agriculture profiles Cornerstone Renewables

 New Energy Farms


Episode 49 of the Ontario Agri-Food Technologies (OAFT) video series Game Changers in Agriculture profiles CEEDS Going to Brazil. CEEDS technology is developed by New Energy Farms of Leamington, Ontario Canada.

Competitive Green Technologies

Episode 2 of the Ontario Agri-Food Technologies video series Game Changers in Agriculture profiles Competitive Green Technologies of Ontario, Canada. CG Technologies, an innovative producer of miscanthus based bioresin, is taking technology developed at the University of Guelph's Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre to a commercial scale application. The bioresin will be mixed with recycled plastic to produce flower pots.