January 9, 2018

Green City Growers Glowing Pink
We are now pleased to announce the implementation of Yunustech’s LED lighting systems in Green City Growers’ state-of-the-art greenhouse. Green City Growers is the largest food-production greenhouse in a core urban area in the United States, using the most progressive and sustainable hydroponic farming practices available. Yunustech has developed the most energy-efficient LED lighting products by using only the spectrum of light that plants need for photosynthesis, thus stimulating superior plant growth and unmatched crop efficiency. Yunustech and Green City Growers were a match waiting to happen and we look forward to our future together.

The decision-making process included a series of tests in grow chambers at Yunustech and further tests at Green City Growers with total of 84 Ceres light fixtures. Green City Growers is expecting to save at least 1.4GWh yearly from the installation of 1,200 Ceres grow light fixtures.

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