December 4, 2017

Competitive Green Technologies News Release

TORONTO, ON – November 30, 2017 – Club Coffee’s PurPod100™ will be profiled on a new episode of “Made by Destruction.” The episode will appear:
Monday December 4 at 8:30 pm
• on Discovery Canada
The segment on PurPod100™ will centre on production of the pod’s unique compostable ring that is used by leading coffee brands such as President’s Choice, McCafé, Melitta, Muskoka Roastery and Jumping Bean. It will show how compostable materials are produced and combined to create the ring. It will demonstrate how the chaff that is a by-product of coffee bean roasting is diverted from waste and given a new life as a key ingredient in the ring.
Made by Destruction shows how everything from obsolete airplanes to empty bottles are being split apart, stripped down, melted, shredded, and re-invented in ingenious and extraordinary ways.
The PurPod100™ segment will recognize the research behind the ring that took place at the University of Guelph’s Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre. Viewers will also see the contributions of two key companies. Competitive Green Technologies of Leamington, Ontario who produces the advanced compostable bio resin and Fourmark Manufacturing who creates the rings at its plant in Oakville, Ontario. The segment will then go behind the scenes at Club Coffee to show how the rings are integrated with other components and then filled with great coffee to complete this process – on the way to coffee lovers across Canada and the United States.
About Competitive Green
Competitive Green Technologies is the world leader in bio-composite BPI certified compostable resins. The technology zeroes in on a zero-waste circular economy where ‘waste’ form one industry is being used to create value-added product for the same and other industries!

Besides compostable resins, we manufacture bio-carbon based light-weight bi-compotes for the auto industry, substituting inorganic fillers like glass and talc with organic 99% new carbon (USDA certified). We also use this organic bio-carbon as a black pigment in making black masterbatch for the polymer industry.
We have developed the commercialization technologies for the above, working under exclusive, world-wide licensing agreements with the University of Guelph. We have received tremendous support at both the Federal and Provincial government levels. We are located in Leamington ON.
More bio-composite resin technologies are being developed with the objective of offering competitive green alternatives to reduce dependence on fossil polymers.
For media requests or further information, please contact:
Amy Wright
519.329.2525 x200