Polymer Specialties International Ltd.

Polymer Specialties International (PSI) based in Newmarket, Ontario has a dedicated biodegradable plastics lab encompassing physical, analytical, biodegradation and eco-toxicity testing.

Performance Plants Inc.

Performance Plants Inc., based in Kingston, Ontario licenses its crop yield protection, heat and drought tolerance technologies to major companies around the world.

BDR Technologies Inc.

BDR Technologies Inc., based in Ottawa, Ontario, markets innovative membrane reactor technology to the global biodiesel industry.

Woodbridge Foam

Woodbridge Foam is based in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada and supplies major markets with foam automotive products which have a high content of soybean material.

Hays Genetics International

Hays Genetics International of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada markets dairy cattle embryos to Europe, Japan, Australia and other global markets.

Advanced Micro Polymers

Advanced Micro Polymers, of Milton, Ontario manufactures polysaccharide-based natural polymers made from agricultural resources. Products targeting export markets include liquid mulch, liquid spray mask and inks.

GreenBug Energy Inc.

GreenBug Energy Inc., based near Delhi, Ontario, markets a micro hydro system that utilizes a modern version of the venerable Archimedes screw to generate hydro electric power.

New Energy Farms

New Energy Farms takes the greenhouse industry into a new dimension with production of energy crops for application in world markets.