Katan Kitchens

Katan Kitchens of Georgetown, Ontario, Canada markets “superfoods” such as quinoa and amaranth.

Thomas Canning Ltd.

Thomas Canning Ltd. of Maidstone, Ontario, Canada markets canned organic tomatoes to the U.S., China and Africa..

Hays Genetics International

Hays Genetics International of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada markets dairy cattle embryos to Europe, Japan, Australia and other global markets.

Advanced Micro Polymers

Advanced Micro Polymers, of Milton, Ontario manufactures polysaccharide-based natural polymers made from agricultural resources. Products targeting export markets include liquid mulch, liquid spray mask and inks.

GreenBug Energy Inc.

GreenBug Energy Inc., based near Delhi, Ontario, markets a micro hydro system that utilizes a modern version of the venerable Archimedes screw to generate hydro electric power.

Jaylor Fabricating Inc.

Jaylor Fabricating Inc. Based in East Garafraxa Township of Ontario Canada, Jaylor markets its vertical feed mixers to dairy and beef farmers around the world.

BioTrack by BIO

BIO, based in Guelph, Ontario Canada is a producer owned cooperative that markets its BioTrack web-based livestock management system internationally.

Weavercroft International

Weavercroft International based in Dorchester, Ontario Canada. Weavercroft has developed markets in Eastern Europe, offering experience in selecting, breeding, breeding and exporting of livestock genetics and well as assistance in farm management and feed nutrition.

NeoVentures Biotechnology

NeoVentures Biotechnolgy Inc. This London, Ontario, Canada based company is a global leader in the development of aptamers to detect grain contaminants and predict grain performance. Wheat quality technology is particularly important for bakeries and grain elevators.

Bosco and Roxy’s

This innovative bakery in London, Ontario, Canada successfully exports its unique dog treat products to international markets. Marketing a variety of dog treats made with human food ingredients and designed with a creative flair, Bosco and Roxy’s aims for cost efficiency by providing direct to customer service.