Mariposa Dairy

Mariposa Dairy Ltd., a goat cheese operation in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada has successfully developed export markets for its award winning cheese products.

Grasshill Farm Ltd.

Grasshill Farm Ltd., based in Bobcaygeon, Ontario is a global leader in goat genetics.

Troll Bridge Creek

Troll Bridge Creek, based in Arthur, Ontario is developing export markets for maple sap beverages produced in Ontario.

MacKellar Farms

MacKellar Farms, based in Alvinston, Ontario has introduced the production and marketing of edamame beans in Ontario.

Performance Plants Inc.

Performance Plants Inc., based in Kingston, Ontario licenses its crop yield protection, heat and drought tolerance technologies to major companies around the world.

BDR Technologies Inc.

BDR Technologies Inc., based in Ottawa, Ontario, markets innovative membrane reactor technology to the global biodiesel industry.

Woodbridge Foam

Woodbridge Foam is based in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada and supplies major markets with foam automotive products which have a high content of soybean material.

Switch Energy Corp.

Switch Energy Corp., based in Clinton, Ontario, Canada grows switchgrass for industrial applications and is a leader in recycling agricultural plastics.

GreenField Ethanol

GreenField Ethanol, based in Chatham, Ontario, is a global leader in producing specialty alcohols.