Sevita International

Sevita International, with headquarters in Inkerman, Ontario develops and supplies specialty non GMO food grade soybean to food and beverage manufacturers globally and certified seed to farmers.

Mariposa Dairy

Mariposa Dairy Ltd., a goat cheese operation in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada has successfully developed export markets for its award winning cheese products.

Troll Bridge Creek

Troll Bridge Creek, based in Arthur, Ontario is developing export markets for maple sap beverages produced in Ontario.

MacKellar Farms

MacKellar Farms, based in Alvinston, Ontario has introduced the production and marketing of edamame beans in Ontario.

Performance Plants Inc.

Performance Plants Inc., based in Kingston, Ontario licenses its crop yield protection, heat and drought tolerance technologies to major companies around the world.

GreenField Ethanol

GreenField Ethanol, based in Chatham, Ontario, is a global leader in producing specialty alcohols.

Katan Kitchens

Katan Kitchens of Georgetown, Ontario, Canada markets “superfoods” such as quinoa and amaranth.

Thomas Canning Ltd.

Thomas Canning Ltd. of Maidstone, Ontario, Canada markets canned organic tomatoes to the U.S., China and Africa..

NeoVentures Biotechnology

NeoVentures Biotechnolgy Inc. This London, Ontario, Canada based company is a global leader in the development of aptamers to detect grain contaminants and predict grain performance. Wheat quality technology is particularly important for bakeries and grain elevators.

Bosco and Roxy’s

This innovative bakery in London, Ontario, Canada successfully exports its unique dog treat products to international markets. Marketing a variety of dog treats made with human food ingredients and designed with a creative flair, Bosco and Roxy’s aims for cost efficiency by providing direct to customer service.