January 22, 2018

A great turnout at GMOs: Facts and Misconception in Toronto and Waterloo! The evening, filled with facts, education and scientific debate addressed and discussed the controversy that surrounds the GMO debate, one of the most heated arguments of our time.

On January 16 in Toronto, and January 17 in Waterloo, the evening started off with a never-before seen trailer of Before the Plate from young director Dylan Sher, who then had the pleasure of introducing Academy Award© nominee Scott Hamilton Kennedy, to present his documentary Food Evolution, a film that tackles the emotions and science underlying the issues surrounding GMOs and food.

After the screening, audience members engaged in a lively conversation with our esteemed panel of experts from various backgrounds, including farming, regulation and science. Many issues from both sides of the debate were raised, including concerns about human health and environmental impacts, regulations and the transparency of GMOs on the market. Our panellists shared their thoughts and expertise on these issues, educating and informing the attendees on facts and evidence based on their professional opinion.

Special thanks to our panel members, Director Scott Hamilton KennedyCarol T. Culhane, CEO of International Food Focus Ltd.; Dr. Maria Trainer, Managing Director, Science and Regulatory Affairs at CropLife Canada (Waterloo); Ian Affleck, Executive Director, Plant Biotechnology at CropLife Canada (Toronto); Greg Hannam, Ontario Grain Farmer (Woodrill Farms); Motlatsi Musi, South African Farmer / Author at Global Farmer Network; Moderator Kelly Hodgins, Program Coordinator of the ‘Feeding 9 Billion’ project at the Arrell Food Institute; sponsors; organizers; and audience members for making this event a success!

Stay tuned for video of the panel discussions in each city. Food Evolution can be viewed on YouTube.

Proudly presented by a partnership including Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, CropLife Canada, University of Waterloo, Royal Canadian Institute of Science and Life Sciences Ontario

Toronto’s Panel (Left to Right): Moderator, Kelly Hodgins; Scott Hamilton Kennedy, Carol T. Culhane, Motlatsi Musi, Greg Hannam, Ian Affleck

Audience preparing for the panel discussion in Waterloo, Humanities Theatre

Waterloo’s Panel (Left to Right): Greg Hannam, Maria Trainer, Motlatsi Musi, Carol T. Culhane, Scott Hamilton Kennedy; Kelly Hodgins, Moderator